The list of articles, whether published or unpublished

Authors Article title Published at Post date
Mihaela Gabriela Belu TQM – A Factor for Tourism Competitiveness 2017/12/27
Arslan Majeed Monetary Policy Transmission and Firms’ Investment: Evidence From the Manufacturing Sector of Pakistan 2017/12/27
Gaurav Aakar Assessing the Impact of Public Infrastructure Investment on Economic Performance: the Case of India 2017/10/19
Otilia-Roxana Oprea Financial Integration or Disintegration during the Financial Crisis 2017/10/19
Chimere Okechukwu Iheonu A Pooled Mean Group Estimation of Capital Inflow and Growth in sub Saharan Africa 2017/10/19
Florentina Xhelili Krasniqi Export and Economic Growth in the West Balkan Countries 2017/10/19
Benjamin Uyagu Earnings Management and Corporate Social Responsibility 2017/10/19
Malek KhojastehNeghad Effects of Oil Shocks on the Unemployment: GVAR Approach 2017/10/19
Abu Hasan The Dynamics of Electricity Consumption, Energy Use and GDP in Bangladesh 2017/10/19
Manamba Epaphra The Twin Deficits Hypothesis: An Empirical Analysis for Tanzania 2017/10/19
Cristian Dîrvă Benefits of ERM 2017/06/28
Anda Simona Rădulescu Tax Havens within Legal Boundaries. Older and Newer Cases 2017/06/28
Emmanuel Olusegun Stober Trending a New Normal: Is Nigeria becoming a failed Nation? 2017/06/28
Khalid Iqbal Welfare Economics: A Story of Existence 2017/06/28
Wissem Khanfir Orientation of the Fiscal Policy in Tunisia: Structural VAR Analysis 2017/06/28
Rakela Thano Sea Cruises as a New Branch of the Tourism Industry in Albania and in the Region of Saranda 2017/06/28
Mughees Tahir Bhalli Sensitivity of Firms’ Investment and Cash Flow: A Case Study of Manufacturing Sector of Pakistan 2017/06/28
Okunola Akinbode Michael Long and Short Run Dynamics of Agricultural and Petroleum Sectors in the Economic Growth of Nigeria 2017/06/28
Nazima Ellahi The Determinants of Inflation in Pakistan: An Econometric Analysis 2017/06/28
Georgiana-Loredana Frecea Dividing the CSR Attitudes in the Romanian Banking Sector through the Stakeholder Theory 2017/04/02