The list of articles, whether published or unpublished

Authors Article title Published at Post date
Vallari Chandna The Impact of Work Centrality and Type of Work on Life Satisfaction: an Exploration of Global Respondents 2021/09/30
Sinem Koçak Is Exchange Rate Volatility An Important Determinant Of Tax Revenues? Evidence From Turkey 2021/09/30
Iseghohi Judith Omon Migrant Remittances and Health Outcomes in the West Africa Monetary Zones (WAMZ) 2021/09/30
Iseghohi Judith Omon Migrant Remittances and Health Outcomes in the West Africa Monetary Zones (WAMZ) 2021/09/30
Isah Wada Institutional Quality and Tourism Growth Nexus in MENA Countries 2021/09/30
Marius Trăistaru The Main Measures Adopted by Romania between 2000-2007 to achieve the Strategic Objectives (Accession to the EU and... 2021/06/25
Cristina Porumboiu The Importance of Clusters for the Development of New Industries 2021/06/25
Dragoş Danţiş Possible Directions of Evolution for Banking Activity in European Union under the Impact of Blockchain Technology 2021/06/25
Bogdan Chiripuci East-West Disparities on the Romanian Labor Market under the Influence of Globalization and Entrepreneurship 2021/06/25
Ebhote Oseremen Long-Term Relationship Building and Customer Switching Behaviour in the Mobile Telecommunication Industry in Nigeria 2021/06/25
Bouzid Amaira Real Effective Exchange Rate Misalignment of the Tunisian dinar 2021/06/25
Cosmin Ivascu The Role of European Funds in the Economic Development 2021/03/29
Dragos Dantis Project Management Challenges in Implementing Business Intelligence Approach inside Organizations 2021/03/29
Corina Dimitriu Interference of Technology in the Fine Art Market 2021/03/29
Gabriel Căriman Economic Aspects of COVID-19 Medical Crisis 2021/03/29
Bogdan Chiripuci Analysis of the Workforce in Macroregion Two and Macroregion Four 2021/03/29
Victor Danciu Adapting and Modernizing the Post-Covid Marketing Policy Under the Impact of Consumption Challenges 2021/03/29
Kianoosh Moradi Brand Communications and Customer Equity: The Mediating Role of Brand Knowledge and Word of Mouth Ads 2020/12/18
Valentin Burca Assessment of Quality of Financial Statements, using Exploratory Factor Analysis 2020/12/18
Md. Sayemul Islam Role of Agriculture and Manufacturing Sectors in the Economic Growth of Bangladesh and India: An ARDL Approach 2020/12/18