The list of articles, whether published or unpublished

Authors Article title Published at Post date
Georgiana-Loredana Schipor (Frecea) Corporate Social Responsibility of the Romanian Banking Sector During the COVID-19 Crisis: Customers’ Perceptions and... 2022/12/13
Teodora Nacu The New Business Challenges Faced in the European Union: Understanding the Idea behind Corporate Responsibility 2022/12/13
Ioan-Cătălin Murăraşu The Energy Crisis as a Factor of Aggravating Poverty in Bulgaria and Romania. State's Social Expenditures Evolution 2022/12/13
Elena Florentina Matei COVID-19 Pandemic and Measures Implemented at the Level of European States 2022/12/13
Gabriela Călinescu The Applications of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence in Logistics 2022/12/13
Ruth Odin Auditors’ Independence, Audit Tenureship, Firm Characteristics and Audit Quality: Evidence from Nigeria 2022/12/13
Abdul Azeez N.P Relationship between Demographic Factors and Digital Financial Literacy 2022/12/13
Abdul Azeez N.P Relationship between Demographic Factors and Digital Financial Literacy 2022/12/13
Cristian Negrutiu Determinants of Venture Capital Investments in Tech Start-UPS 2022/12/13
Daniel Metz The Link between Mission and Performance Management System – Empirical Results from an ITC Company 2022/12/13
Ramona Iulia Dieaconescu Impact of Oil Price Evolution on Logistics Industry 2022/12/13
Khayaladdin R. Taghiyev Assessing the Impact of COVID-19 on Digital Payments in Azerbaijan 2022/07/01
Pascalis Seran Investigating the Efficiency of Indonesian Employee Pension Funds 2022/07/01
Victor T. Ojapinwa Diaspora Remittances, Renewable Energy and Enterprise Growth in Nigeria 2022/07/01
Maria Mirona Murea How Smart Power Influences Economic Power – A Brief Overview on the Sino-American Tariff War from 2018 to 2021 2022/07/01
Victor Danciu Renewal of the Business Strategy, a Prerequisite for Success in the Past-Pandemic Future 2022/07/01
Elvira Lussana Connaître autrement pour une autre université 2022/07/01
Dragos Andrei Stoica General Opinions about the Adoption of IAS/IFRS in Romania 2021/12/24
Ihab S KH Jweida COVID-19 Impact on International Migration 2021/12/21
Daniel Rusu Implementing the Innovation Strategy in International SMEs 2021/12/21