The list of articles, whether published or unpublished

Authors Article title Published at Post date
Samir Saidi Do Transport Infrastructures Promote the Foreign Direct Investments Attractiveness? Empirical Investigation from Four... 2018/03/29
Pranvera Mulla An Examination of the Occurrence of Speculative Bubbles in the US Stock Markets 2018/03/29
Manamba Epaphra An Econometric Analysis of the Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in Africa 2018/03/29
Lívia Benita Kiss The Economic Development of the Visegrad Four in the Last 15 Years in the European Union 2018/03/29
Olta Kapllani Proda The Impact of Tourism Development Strategies in Touristic Demand/Supply, the Case of Saranda, Albania 2018/03/29
Doltu Claudiu Romania’s Membership of International Financial Institutions – a Necessary Change 2018/03/29
Boualleg Nawal The Mechanisms of Activating the Leadership’s Role in Change Management Case Study: Moumen Establishment for the... 2018/03/29
Victor Danciu The Changing Focus of Green Marketing: From Ecological to Sustainable Marketing (I) 2017/12/27
Maha Kalai Core Inflation Measure and Its Effect on Economic Growth and Employment in Tunisia 2017/12/27
Rakela Thano Tourism and Local Government Case Study: Region of Saranda 2017/12/27
Elena Tălmăcian Strategic Use of English in Online Romanian Banking Advertising 2017/12/27
Sambas Ade Kesuma Organizational Performance: Toward Excellent Public Services on State Owned Banks in Indonesia 2017/12/27
Muhammad Khan Monetary Regimes and External Shocks Reaction: Empirical Investigations on Eastern European Economies 2017/12/27
Augustin Ignatov Liberalism - Key to Entrepreneurial and Innovation Success: Estonian Case Study 2017/12/27
Mihaela Gabriela Belu TQM – A Factor for Tourism Competitiveness 2017/12/27
Arslan Majeed Monetary Policy Transmission and Firms’ Investment: Evidence From the Manufacturing Sector of Pakistan 2017/12/27
Gaurav Aakar Assessing the Impact of Public Infrastructure Investment on Economic Performance: the Case of India 2017/10/19
Otilia-Roxana Oprea Financial Integration or Disintegration during the Financial Crisis 2017/10/19
Chimere Okechukwu Iheonu A Pooled Mean Group Estimation of Capital Inflow and Growth in sub Saharan Africa 2017/10/19
Florentina Xhelili Krasniqi Export and Economic Growth in the West Balkan Countries 2017/10/19