The list of articles, whether published or unpublished

Authors Article title Published at Post date
Claudiu Doltu What we know from the Last Two Economic Recessions. Lessons from the Romanian Experience 2018/12/19
Valentin Burcă Empirical Research on Identifying Main Drivers Leading to Integrated Reporting Framework Implementation. The case of... 2018/12/19
Mihaela Gabriela Belu The Impact of Globalisation on Small and Medium Enterprises: The Romanian Experience 2018/12/19
Lucian Croitoru How Countries’ Different Attitudes towards Inflation can thwart the European Dream 2018/12/19
Sorin Cristian Niţă Financial Crisis – from the US to the EU 2018/10/10
László Attila Csapó The Role of Information Management in the Corporate Development and Controlling of the Smart Cities 2018/10/10
Imen Mohamed Sghaier Financial Development, Institutions and Economic Growth in North African Countries 2018/10/10
Nungki Pradita The Decision to Apply for Bank Credits: A Preliminary Investigation of MSME Herding Behavior from Indonesia 2018/10/10
Mohammad Kashif Khan Political Connection, Public Good Activism and Network in India: An Analysis of RSBY Health Scheme 2018/10/10
Francis Lwesya Export Diversification and Poverty Reduction in Tanzania 2018/10/10
W.A. Isola Monetary Policy and Small and Medium Enterprises’ Performance in Selected West African Countries 2018/10/10
Dada James Temitope Financial Deregulation and Economic Growth in Nigeria: Evidence from Error Correction Model 2018/10/10
Constantin Schipor The Welfare State Development: Romania - between Perceptions and Reality 2018/06/30
Diana Ramona Popescu Strengths and Weaknesses in the Activity of County Chambers of Commerce from the Perspective of Romanian Small and... 2018/06/30
Cristian Dîrvă Managing Resilience to Change in Merger and Acquisitions 2018/06/30
Victor Danciu The Changing Focus of Green Marketing: From Ecological to Sustainable Marketing (III) 2018/06/30
Narinder Pal Singh Global Financial Crisis and Price Risk Management in Gold Futures Market- Evidences from Indian & US Markets 2018/06/29
Francis Lwesya Export Diversification and Poverty Reduction in Tanzania 2018/06/29
Chukwuma Stephen Chukwudumebi The Significance of Fringe Benefits on Employee Morale and Productivity 2018/06/29
Kamel Helali A New Assessment of the Non-Accelerating Inflation Rate of Unemployment and Capacity Utilization in Tunisia 2018/06/29