The list of articles, whether published or unpublished

Authors Article title Published at Post date
Samir Saidi Impact of Investments in Public Infrastructures on Economic Performance and Private Investment in Developing Countries... 2017/04/02
Munteanu Bogdan “Helicopter Drop”: Perspectives on Modern Central Banking Challenges 2017/04/02
Svetlana Jesiļevska Data Quality Dimensions to Ensure Optimal Data Quality 2017/04/02
Shkumbin Misini The Effect of Economic Growth under Nominal GDP in Relation to Poverty 2017/04/02
Deven Bansod Fiscal Policy, Economic Growth and Income Inequality: A Case of Indian Economy 2017/04/02
Enobong Udoh Empirical Analysis of the Impact of Financial Sector Reforms on Savings Mobilization in Nigeria 2017/04/02
Adnan Khurshid The Effects of Workers’ Remittances on Exchange Rate Volatility and Exports Dynamics - New Evidence from Pakistan 2017/04/02
Mihaela Gabriela Belu Consumer Rights between Regulation and Exercise 2017/04/02
Babatunde Akanji The Relationship between Culture and Corruption in Nigeria – Prospecting Culture Change in Dealing with this ‘Big Black... 2017/04/02
Diana Ramona Popescu The Role of Chamber of Commerce System in International Economic Relations 2017/01/03
Shemelis Kebede Hundie Households’ Willingness to Pay for Improved Water Supply: Application of the Contingent Valuation Method; Evidence from... 2017/01/03
Paul Vasile Zai The Link Between Taxation Indicators at E.U. Level and Economic Development 2017/01/03
Florentina Xhelili Krasniqi The contribution of several Nobel Laureates in the development of the Theory of general economic equilibrium 2017/01/03
Romila Qamar Are Basel Capital Standards Implemented Successfully in Pakistan? 2017/01/03
Uğur Korkut Pata Testing for Symmetric and Asymmetric Causality between FDI and Foreign Trade in Turkey 2017/01/03
Irina-Eugenia Iamandi Social and Environmental Considerations within the IT Sector: Evidence from Romanian Start-Ups 2017/01/03
Nikolaos Dritsakis The Effects of Unemployment on Economic Growth in Greece. An ARDL Bound Test Approach 2017/01/03
Victor Danciu Corporate Reputation: How it Works for Company’s Performance 2017/01/03
Aas Mohammad Efficiency Analysis of Indian Pharmaceutical Companies in the Post-TRIPS and Post Product Patent Regime using... 2017/01/03
Adrian Petre The Analysis of the Nominal Convergence in the New Member States of the European Union 2016/09/21