The list of articles, whether published or unpublished

Authors Article title Published at Post date
Aravind M Economic Performance and Human Development: A Critical Examination on SAARC Region 2019/04/01
Peter Olatunji Olayiwola Quality Control Management and Customer Retention in Selected Manufacturing Companies in Nigeria: An Empirical Analysis 2019/04/01
Olohunlana, A. O Implications of financial development on poverty and inequality: Evidence from Nigeria 2019/04/01
Dr. Sc. Labeat Mustafa Role of managerial staff in success of the enterprise and importance of small and medium enterprises  SME in... 2019/04/01
Isah Wada Dynamic Effects of Crude Oil Price Movements: a Sectoral Examination 2019/04/01
Mihaela Gabriela Belu Application of Blockchain in International Trade: An Overview 2019/04/01
Florin Cristea Quantification of the Operative Risk in the Cost of Capital 2018/12/19
Camil-George Stoenescu Romania during the Interwar Period: an Economic Approach 2018/12/19
Claudiu Doltu What we know from the Last Two Economic Recessions. Lessons from the Romanian Experience 2018/12/19
Valentin Burcă Empirical Research on Identifying Main Drivers Leading to Integrated Reporting Framework Implementation. The case of... 2018/12/19
Mihaela Gabriela Belu The Impact of Globalisation on Small and Medium Enterprises: The Romanian Experience 2018/12/19
Lucian Croitoru How Countries’ Different Attitudes towards Inflation can thwart the European Dream 2018/12/19
Sorin Cristian Niţă Financial Crisis – from the US to the EU 2018/10/10
László Attila Csapó The Role of Information Management in the Corporate Development and Controlling of the Smart Cities 2018/10/10
Imen Mohamed Sghaier Financial Development, Institutions and Economic Growth in North African Countries 2018/10/10
Nungki Pradita The Decision to Apply for Bank Credits: A Preliminary Investigation of MSME Herding Behavior from Indonesia 2018/10/10
Mohammad Kashif Khan Political Connection, Public Good Activism and Network in India: An Analysis of RSBY Health Scheme 2018/10/10
Francis Lwesya Export Diversification and Poverty Reduction in Tanzania 2018/10/10
W.A. Isola Monetary Policy and Small and Medium Enterprises’ Performance in Selected West African Countries 2018/10/10
Dada James Temitope Financial Deregulation and Economic Growth in Nigeria: Evidence from Error Correction Model 2018/10/10