The list of articles, whether published or unpublished

Authors Article title Published at Post date
Adrian Petre The Analysis of the Nominal Convergence in the New Member States of the European Union 2016/09/21
Yilmaz Bayar Institutional Determinants of Stock Market Development in European Union Transition Economies 2016/09/21
Nebiye Yamak Causal Relationship Between Relative Price Variability and Inflation in Turkey: Evidence from Panel Data 2016/09/21
Thouraya Boujelbène Dammak A Nonlinear Approach to Tunisian Inflation Rate 2016/09/21
Romila Qamar Are Capital Buffers Countercyclical ? An Evidence From Pakistan 2016/09/21
Oana Cristina Popovici Economic Growth, Foreign Investments and Exports in Romania: A VECM Analysis 2016/09/21
Rahmije Topxhiu The Role Of Migrant Workers Remittances In Fostering Economic Growth: The Kosovo Experience 2016/09/21
K. H. McIntyre Enterprise Efficiency in Romania Redux 2016/09/21
Uğur Korkut Pata Testing for Symmetric and Asymmetric Causality between FDI and Foreign Trade in Turkey 2016/09/21
Dejene Mamo Bekana What Causes Inflation in a Post Communist Economy? Evidence from Ethiopia 2016/09/21
Emmanuel Olusegun, Stober Romania’s Corruption Barometer: Putting the Public Sector on a Scale 2016/06/15
Violeta Iftinchi The place of Political Risk Insurance in the political risk management strategy of multinational corporations 2016/06/15
Nebiye Yamak Causal Relationship Between Relative Price Variability and Inflation in Turkey:Evidence from Panel Data 2016/06/15
Vivake Anand Determinants of Credit Rating and Optimal Capital Structure among Pakistani Banks 2016/06/15
Pratap Kumar Jena Financialisation of Commodity Market in India : A Closer Look at the Evidence 2016/06/15
Samia OMRANE BELGUITH Twin deficit in MENA countries: an empirical investigation 2016/06/15
Ana Maria Marinoiu Towards Sustainable Building: Case Study on Romania 2016/06/15
Adriatik Hoxha The Wage-Price Setting Behavior: Comparing The Evidence from EU28 and EMU 2016/06/15
Victor Danciu The potential of shared value creation: a theoretical analysis 2016/06/15
Nikola Cuculeski Strategic marketing positioning of Ohrid 2016/06/15