The list of articles, whether published or unpublished

Authors Article title Published at Post date
Manamba Epaphra An Econometric Analysis of the Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in Africa 2018/03/29
Lívia Benita Kiss The Economic Development of the Visegrad Four in the Last 15 Years in the European Union 2018/03/29
Olta Kapllani Proda The Impact of Tourism Development Strategies in Touristic Demand/Supply, the Case of Saranda, Albania 2018/03/29
Doltu Claudiu Romania’s Membership of International Financial Institutions – a Necessary Change 2018/03/29
Boualleg Nawal The Mechanisms of Activating the Leadership’s Role in Change Management Case Study: Moumen Establishment for the... 2018/03/29
Victor Danciu The Changing Focus of Green Marketing: From Ecological to Sustainable Marketing (I) 2017/12/27
Maha Kalai Core Inflation Measure and Its Effect on Economic Growth and Employment in Tunisia 2017/12/27
Rakela Thano Tourism and Local Government Case Study: Region of Saranda 2017/12/27
Elena Tălmăcian Strategic Use of English in Online Romanian Banking Advertising 2017/12/27
Sambas Ade Kesuma Organizational Performance: Toward Excellent Public Services on State Owned Banks in Indonesia 2017/12/27
Muhammad Khan Monetary Regimes and External Shocks Reaction: Empirical Investigations on Eastern European Economies 2017/12/27
Augustin Ignatov Liberalism - Key to Entrepreneurial and Innovation Success: Estonian Case Study 2017/12/27
Mihaela Gabriela Belu TQM – A Factor for Tourism Competitiveness 2017/12/27
Arslan Majeed Monetary Policy Transmission and Firms’ Investment: Evidence From the Manufacturing Sector of Pakistan 2017/12/27
Gaurav Aakar Assessing the Impact of Public Infrastructure Investment on Economic Performance: the Case of India 2017/10/19
Otilia-Roxana Oprea Financial Integration or Disintegration during the Financial Crisis 2017/10/19
Chimere Okechukwu Iheonu A Pooled Mean Group Estimation of Capital Inflow and Growth in sub Saharan Africa 2017/10/19
Florentina Xhelili Krasniqi Export and Economic Growth in the West Balkan Countries 2017/10/19
Benjamin Uyagu Earnings Management and Corporate Social Responsibility 2017/10/19
Malek KhojastehNeghad Effects of Oil Shocks on the Unemployment: GVAR Approach 2017/10/19