The list of articles, whether published or unpublished

Authors Article title Published at Post date
Anda Simona Rădulescu (Dîrvă) The Specifics of Tax Arbitrage in The Reorganization of The European Companies Through Acquisitions, Mergers, Spin-... 2016/03/30
Manel Kamoun Zribi The Importance of Renewable Energy in Economic Growth: Evidence from a Panel of Emerging Countries 2016/03/30
Ilhèm Gargouri The Determinants Of Public Debt 2016/03/30
Wissem Khanfir Threshold effect of fiscal policy on private consumption : Evidence from Tunisia 2016/03/30
Kemal Eyuboglu Predicting Intra-Day and Day of the Week Anomalies in Turkish Stock Market 2016/03/30
Jaleel Ahmed Determinants of Bank Loan Availability: Evidence From Pakistani Non-Financial Firms 2016/03/30
Nikolaos Dritsakis Trade Openness and Economic Growth: A Panel Cointegration and Causality Analysis for the Newest EU Countries 2016/03/30
Nouha Bougharriou On the determinants of democracy in the Arab World 2016/03/30
Farwa Amjad Dynamics of FDI, Technological Transformation and Environmental Degradation in Developing Countries: A Panel Analysis 2016/03/30
Dóra Zolcsák The effect of political leaders on economic growth through institutional change 2015/12/26
Adrian Petre The Impact of Foreign Direct Investments on Economic Growth in Romania 2015/12/26
Nahed Zghidi Remittances, Economic Freedom, and Economic Growth in North African Countries 2015/12/26
Rahmi Yamak Comparing Equation of Exchange and Wage-Cost Mark-up Identity for Turkish Economy 2015/12/26
Ramona Iulia Țarțavulea (Dieaconescu) Estimating a corporate governance index for companies in Greece 2015/12/26
Banu Tanrıöver Business Cycle Asymmetry: Deepness and Steepness in Turkey 2015/12/26
Saibu Olufemi Muibi Determining Optimal Crude Oil Price Benchmark in Nigeria: An Empirical Approach 2015/12/26
Khoutem Ben Jedidia Trade openness-financial development nexus: Bounds testing approach and causality tests for Tunisia 2015/12/26
Victor Danciu The Controversy of Corporate Social Responsibility: What Is Best For Business 2015/12/26
Orîndaru, Andreea Developing Marketing Higher Education Strategies Based on Students’ Satisfaction Evolution 2015/09/23
Hurduzeu, Raluca The Project of ‘Psychological Capitalization’ of the Romanian Wheat 2015/09/23