The list of articles, whether published or unpublished

Authors Article title Published at Post date
Terzea, Elena Ramona The Evolution of the Romanian Trade Balance in the Trade with the EU Member States (1991-2012) 2014/12/17
Sahoo, Kalpana Foreign Aid and Its Environmental Implication in India 2014/12/16
Zghidi, Nahed Financial Development, Trade Openness and Economic Growth in North African Countries 2014/12/16
Tabash, Mosab I. Islamic Banking and Economic Growth — A cointegration Approach 2014/12/16
Madni, Ghulam Rasool Taxation, Fiscal Deficit and Inflation in Pakistan 2014/12/16
Kumar , S. Anoop On Chaotic Nature of the Emerging European Forex Markets 2014/12/16
Popovici, Oana Cristina FDI theories. A location-based approach 2014/12/16
Belu, Mihaela Gabriela A New Distribution Strategy : The Omnichannel Strategy 2014/10/14
Stoenescu, Camil-George Aspects regarding the influence of European integration on Romania’s trade structure (2002 – 2013) 2014/10/14 2014/10/14
Mehmed, Ganić An Empirical Study on Liquidity risk and its determinants in Bosnia and Herzegovina 2014/10/14 2014/10/14
Butiseacă, Alexandru “Trade Liberalization with Chinese Characteristics”: Few Notes on PRC’s WTO Membership 2014/10/14 2014/10/14
Sheidaei , Zahra The Cumulative Effect of Human Capital on Economic Growth: Using Panel Data Method 2014/10/14 2014/10/14
Srinivasan P. Gold Price, Stock Price and Exchange rate Nexus: The Case of India 2014/10/14 2014/10/14
Eyüboğlu, Sinem Demand for International Reserves in Turkey 2014/10/14 2014/10/14
Mehmood, Bilal Is Solow’s Paradox Absent in World Leading Capital Markets? Econometric Evidence 2014/10/14 2014/10/14
Kumar, S. Anoop Efficient Market Hypothesis: Some Evidences from Emerging European Forex Markets 2014/10/14
Lussana, Elvira L’ordre d’abord !! 2014/10/14
Anoop S Kumar Efficient Market Hypothesis: Some Evidences from Emerging European Forex Markets 2014/10/14
Tarara, Cristian Utilizarea instrumentelor financiare derivate de către banci în acoperirea riscurilor de dobândă 2007/07/01 2014/06/27
Munteanu, Bogdan The Paradigm of the Islamic Banking System 2008/09/01 2014/06/27