The list of articles, whether published or unpublished

Authors Article title Published at Post date
Nadotti, Loris Lino Maria Catastrophe Bonds Structures at European Level – A Cluster Analysis Approach 2014/12/23 2014/12/23
Ivanovici, Mina The Creative Industries: Before and After the Crisis 2014/12/23 2014/12/23
Iamandi, Irina-Eugenia Corporate Social Responsibility through Education and Sport. An EU Comparative Case 2014/12/23 2014/12/23
Hurduzeu, Gheorghe Fiscal Revenues in the European Union. A Comparative Analysis 2014/12/23 2014/12/23
Diaconescu, Mirela Simulation Model for Foreign Trade During the Crisis in Romania 2014/12/23 2014/12/23
Buta, Simona Human Capital and Knowledge Emergence. Induced Effects of the Global Crisis on Human capital and Innovation 2014/12/23 2014/12/23
Bradea, Ioana Alexandra Risks in hospitals. Assessment and Management 2014/12/23 2014/12/23
Bordeianu, Otilia Maria The Need for Knowledge Management Strategy for Organisations Facing Changes 2014/12/23 2014/12/23
Terzea, Elena Ramona The Evolution of the Romanian Trade Balance in the Trade with the EU Member States (1991-2012) 2014/12/17
Sahoo, Kalpana Foreign Aid and Its Environmental Implication in India 2014/12/16
Zghidi, Nahed Financial Development, Trade Openness and Economic Growth in North African Countries 2014/12/16
Tabash, Mosab I. Islamic Banking and Economic Growth — A cointegration Approach 2014/12/16
Madni, Ghulam Rasool Taxation, Fiscal Deficit and Inflation in Pakistan 2014/12/16
Kumar , S. Anoop On Chaotic Nature of the Emerging European Forex Markets 2014/12/16
Popovici, Oana Cristina FDI theories. A location-based approach 2014/12/16
Belu, Mihaela Gabriela A New Distribution Strategy : The Omnichannel Strategy 2014/10/14
Stoenescu, Camil-George Aspects regarding the influence of European integration on Romania’s trade structure (2002 – 2013) 2014/10/14 2014/10/14
Mehmed, Ganić An Empirical Study on Liquidity risk and its determinants in Bosnia and Herzegovina 2014/10/14 2014/10/14
Butiseacă, Alexandru “Trade Liberalization with Chinese Characteristics”: Few Notes on PRC’s WTO Membership 2014/10/14 2014/10/14
Sheidaei , Zahra The Cumulative Effect of Human Capital on Economic Growth: Using Panel Data Method 2014/10/14 2014/10/14