Main goals


The Romanian Economic Journal publishes original papers on economics and business topics, giving priority to the specific problems of countries and regions emerging in the international economy. The journal aims to disseminate the contributions of researchers and professionals, cotributions targetting different aspects and implications caused by the processes of economic reform and transition, international changes and other aspects that describe the recent evolution of countries from Eastern and Central Europe, the Commonwealth of Independent States and other countries from Asia, Middle East, Africa or Latin America.

The REJ policy supports promoting young researchers, thus offering them a dedicated section in each new issue of the journal. Also, the editorial board promotes interdisciplinary research, and both theoretical and empirical approaches, that are endowed with international and global relevance.

 The journal takes into consideration only the academic contributions that were not previously published and which are not sent for review to other journals. In case of the articles accepted for publication, the authors cede the copyright to the REJ, which retains the exclusive right of publishing and dissemination.

Right now the REJ undergoes a process of perfecting and improvement, regarding both the website, which we want to make more streamlined and up-to-date, as well as from the viewpoint of its structure and content.

With the implementation of full functionality of the platform, the journal will have the following structure

  • An article from a guest author (written in English or other international, widely spoken language)

  • The regular papers/articles (covering business and economics content) in English

  • The “Young researchers” section (authors from academia and research, ideally Ph.D. candidates)