The list of articles, whether published or unpublished

Authors Article title Published at Post date
Ghiba, Nicolae Testing Purchasing Power Parity in Romania using standard unit root tests, with one structural break and cointegration... 2012/06/01 2012/06/01
Constantinescu, Alexandru The business cycles and the influence of economic confidence indicators in the European region 2012/06/01 2012/06/01
Untaru, Mircea Building bridges between higher education and the business environment for regional development in the South-East Europe 2012/06/01 2012/06/01
Tasos, Stylianou Economic Growth and Defense Spending in Greece, Turkey and Cyprus: Evidence from Cointegrated Panel Analysis 2012/06/01 2012/06/01
Szymański, Piotr Problems in business valuation – analysis of survey results 2012/06/01 2012/06/01
Reveiu, Adriana Business Clusters a Solution for Economic Development of Companies and Regions 2012/06/01 2012/06/01
Palakkod, Suhail Integration of Capital, Commodity and Currency Markets: A Study on Volatility Spillover 2012/06/01 2012/06/01
Mirza, Nawazish Some Preliminary Evidence on Stock Price Bubbles in an Emerging Market 2012/06/01 2012/06/01
Goudarzi, Mostafa Investigation of the Factors Affecting Real Exchange Rate in Iran 2012/06/01 2012/06/01
Bouzid, Amaira McKinnon’s Complementarity Hypothesis: Empirical Evidence for the Arab Maghrebean Countries 2012/06/01 2012/06/01
Bąk-Grabowska, Dominika Manage ment by projects and its implications for the model of employment – the Polish perspective 2012/06/01 2012/06/01
Malik, Muhammad Farhan Determination of Share Price: Evidence from Karachi Stock Exchange 2012/03/01 2012/03/01
Garoui, Nassreddine Cognitive Approach of Corporate Governance A Visualization Test of Mental models with Cognitive Mapping Technique 2012/03/01 2012/03/01
Duhanxhiu, Ilda The relationship between financial and tax accounting in Albania 2012/03/01 2012/03/01
Balcar, Jiří The “Soft Five” in Romania 2012/03/01 2012/03/01
Amaira, Bouzid The Relationship of Oil Prices and Economic Growth in Tunisia: A Vector Error Correction Model Analysis 2012/03/01 2012/03/01
Ciobănaşu, Octavian Sovereign debt in the European Union 2011/12/01 2011/12/01
Arjoca, Diana Direct investment strategies of Austrian companies in Romania. A comparative study 2011/12/01 2011/12/01
Rusu, Livia The Interaction European Union – Black Sea Region through The Game – Theorethical Lenses 2011/12/01 2011/12/01
Danciu, Victor International Business Negotiation Under The Impact of Cultural Distance 2011/12/01 2011/12/01