The list of articles, whether published or unpublished

Authors Article title Published at Post date
Khodaparasti, Ramin Bashir The New Public Management And Social Justice In Iran: Elimination Of Subsidies 2012/09/01 2012/09/01
Ienciu, Ionel-Alin Corporate Governance and Ethical Behavior: A National Perspective 2012/09/01 2012/09/01
Hussain, Farah Causality between Financial Development and Economic Growth: Evidence from an Indian State 2012/09/01 2012/09/01
Ghiba, Nicolae Testing Purchasing Power Parity in Romania using standard unit root tests, with one structural break and cointegration... 2012/06/01 2012/06/01
Constantinescu, Alexandru The business cycles and the influence of economic confidence indicators in the European region 2012/06/01 2012/06/01
Untaru, Mircea Building bridges between higher education and the business environment for regional development in the South-East Europe 2012/06/01 2012/06/01
Tasos, Stylianou Economic Growth and Defense Spending in Greece, Turkey and Cyprus: Evidence from Cointegrated Panel Analysis 2012/06/01 2012/06/01
Szymański, Piotr Problems in business valuation – analysis of survey results 2012/06/01 2012/06/01
Reveiu, Adriana Business Clusters a Solution for Economic Development of Companies and Regions 2012/06/01 2012/06/01
Palakkod, Suhail Integration of Capital, Commodity and Currency Markets: A Study on Volatility Spillover 2012/06/01 2012/06/01
Mirza, Nawazish Some Preliminary Evidence on Stock Price Bubbles in an Emerging Market 2012/06/01 2012/06/01
Goudarzi, Mostafa Investigation of the Factors Affecting Real Exchange Rate in Iran 2012/06/01 2012/06/01
Bouzid, Amaira McKinnon’s Complementarity Hypothesis: Empirical Evidence for the Arab Maghrebean Countries 2012/06/01 2012/06/01
Bąk-Grabowska, Dominika Manage ment by projects and its implications for the model of employment – the Polish perspective 2012/06/01 2012/06/01
Malik, Muhammad Farhan Determination of Share Price: Evidence from Karachi Stock Exchange 2012/03/01 2012/03/01
Garoui, Nassreddine Cognitive Approach of Corporate Governance A Visualization Test of Mental models with Cognitive Mapping Technique 2012/03/01 2012/03/01
Duhanxhiu, Ilda The relationship between financial and tax accounting in Albania 2012/03/01 2012/03/01
Balcar, Jiří The “Soft Five” in Romania 2012/03/01 2012/03/01
Amaira, Bouzid The Relationship of Oil Prices and Economic Growth in Tunisia: A Vector Error Correction Model Analysis 2012/03/01 2012/03/01
Ciobănaşu, Octavian Sovereign debt in the European Union 2011/12/01 2011/12/01