The list of articles, whether published or unpublished

Authors Article title Published at Post date
Kaufmann, Malte The New EFQM 2010 Model for Business Excellence and its Fundamental Concepts in Light of the Economic Crisis 2011/06/01 2011/06/01
Kumar, Rohit Vishal Tunisian and Indian Forex Markets: A Comparision on Forward Rate Unbiased Hypothesis 2011/06/01 2011/06/01
Guşe, Gina Raluca Exploring Eco-Costs and Externalities Absorption Policies and Procedures in the Context of Global Warming 2011/06/01 2011/06/01
Dritsaki, Chaido The Random Walk Hypothesis and Correlation in the Visegrad Countries Emerging Stock Markets 2011/06/01 2011/06/01
Bekana, Dejene Mamo Economic Liberalization as Development Policy: the Contemporary Debate 2011/06/01 2011/06/01
Bilquees, Faiz Export Instability, Income Terms of Trade Instability and Growth: The Case of India 2011/03/01 2011/03/01
Bahiti, Rovena Impact of the Latest Financial Crises on a Bank-Based Financial System: Case of Albania 2011/03/01 2011/03/01
Stamate, Andreas A Short History of the “Just Price” Controversy in the XII-th and XIII-th Centuries 2011/03/01 2011/03/01
Panait, Iulian Study of the Correlation between the Romanian Stock Market and S&P500 Index during 2007-2009 2011/03/01 2011/03/01
Zakaria, Muhammad Trade Openness and Real Exchange Rate: Some Evidence from Pakistan 2011/03/01 2011/03/01
Susanu, Cristina Gabriela The Capitalist Development Pathway of Eastern Europe: A Comparative Study between Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia and... 2011/03/01 2011/03/01
Son, Liana Labour Market Policies in Selected EU Member States: A Comparative and Impact Analysis 2011/03/01 2011/03/01
Sharku, Gentiana Considerations on Albanian Life Insurance Market 2011/03/01 2011/03/01
Popescu, Raluca Georgiana The Impact of Foreign Direct Investments on Labour Productivity: A Critical Examination of Results 2011/03/01 2011/02/28
Milenkovic, Ivan CEFTA – Member Countries' Current Accounts Deficits – The Case of Serbia 2011/03/01 2011/02/28
Gul, Sehrish Factors Affecting Bank Profitability in Pakistan 2011/03/01 2011/02/28
Diaconaşu, Delia-Elena The Role of Investment Funds in Romania 2011/03/01 2011/02/28
Máté, Domicián Estimating Labour Market Performance in Twenty-Three OECD Countries, 1980-2009 2010/12/01 2010/12/01
Sharma, Satyendra Kumar The Relationship between IPO Underpricing Phenomenon & the Underwriter’s Reputation 2010/12/01 2010/12/01
Shao, Yang An Applied Research on the Relations between Regional Economic Growth and Regional Logistics in China 2010/12/01 2010/12/01