The list of articles, whether published or unpublished

Authors Article title Published at Post date
Saikia, Dilip Does Economic Integration Affect Spatial Concentration of Industries? Theory and a Case Study for India 2011/12/01 2011/11/30
Paraschiv, Dorel Mihai Exploring Eco -innovation Trends in the European Construction Sector. Focus on Romania 2011/12/01 2011/11/30
Herman, Emilia The Impact of Economic Growth Process on Employment in European Union Countries 2011/12/01 2011/11/30
Bratu, Mihaela Uncertainty of USA GDP Forecasts Determined by The Variables Aggregation 2011/12/01 2011/11/30
Anupam, Das Remittances and GDP Dynamics in 11 Developing Countries: Evidence from Panel Cointegration and PMG Techniques 2011/12/01 2011/11/30
Petcu (Draghici), Andreea Jenica Lean Six Sigma- a Challenge for Organizations Focused on Business Excellence 2011/09/01 2011/09/01
Nucu, Anca Elena The Relationship between Exchange Rate and Key Macroeconomic Indicators. Case Study: Romania 2011/09/01 2011/09/01
Rustam, Sehrish Perceptions of Corporate Customers Towards Islamic Banking Products and Services in Pakistan 2011/09/01 2011/09/01
Saikia, Hemanta Economic Underdevelopment and Total Factor Growth in Small Scale Industries: Some Evidences from India 2011/09/01 2011/09/01
Qefalia, Arjan The Use of Continuous Improvement in Albanian Public Higher Education 2011/09/01 2011/09/01
Imran, Kashif Determinants of Dividend Payout Policy: A Case of Pakistan Engineering Sector 2011/09/01 2011/09/01
Iamandi, Irina Eugenia The Corporate Social Responsibility Model in Romania: A Theoretical and Practical Approach for Small and Medium Sized... 2011/09/01 2011/09/01
Gjipali, Arsena Rates of Returns to Human Capital Investments in Albania 2011/09/01 2011/09/01
Moldovan, Ioana Correlation of International Stock Markets Before and During the Subprime Crisis 2011/06/01 2011/06/01
Gârdu, Dana On Some Controversies about East Asian Developmental States 2011/06/01 2011/06/01
Tiwari, Aviral Kumar Tourism, Exports and FDI as a Means of Growth: Evidence from four Asian Countries 2011/06/01 2011/06/01
Saher-e-Noor Impact of Oil Prices on Economic Growth and Exports Earning: In the Case of Pakistan and India 2011/06/01 2011/06/01
Kaufmann, Malte The New EFQM 2010 Model for Business Excellence and its Fundamental Concepts in Light of the Economic Crisis 2011/06/01 2011/06/01
Kumar, Rohit Vishal Tunisian and Indian Forex Markets: A Comparision on Forward Rate Unbiased Hypothesis 2011/06/01 2011/06/01
Guşe, Gina Raluca Exploring Eco-Costs and Externalities Absorption Policies and Procedures in the Context of Global Warming 2011/06/01 2011/06/01