The list of articles, whether published or unpublished

Authors Article title Published at Post date
Stancu, Andrei Tudor Impact of Foreign Exchange Risk on International Portfolios 2010/09/01 2010/09/01
Tudor, Cristiana The Dynamics of Enterprise Financing in New EU Member States in Comparative Perspective: the A ftermath of the Crisis 2010/09/01 2010/09/01
Harrison, Barry Statistical Properties of the CEE Stock Market Dynamics. A Panel Data Analysis 2010/09/01 2010/09/01
Hoxha, Adriatik Causality between Prices and Wages: VECM Analysis for EU - 27 2010/09/01 2010/09/01
Trenca, Ioan Considerations Regarding Operational Risk Management in the Context of the Basel II Agreement 2010/06/01 2010/06/01
Magdalena, Lucica Fiscal and Monetaty Policy Measures to Ensure Price Stability 2010/06/01 2010/06/01
Popescu, Raluca Georgiana The Impact of Foreign Direct Investments on Labour Productivity: A review of the Evidence and Implications 2010/06/01 2010/06/01
Drăghici, Mihai TQM and Six Sigma – the Role and Impact on Service Organization 2010/06/01 2010/06/01
Băcilă, Nicolae The Relation between State Aid and Economic Development in the European Union 2010/06/01 2010/06/01
Bărbulescu, Răzvan Risks and Consequences of Demographic Changes in Romania 2010/06/01 2010/06/01
Ploae, Cătălin The Revitalisation of the EU’s Single Market 2010/06/01 2010/06/01
Postelnicu, Cătălin Some Empirical Approaches of the Competitiveness’ Diamond – The Case of Romanian Economy 2010/06/01 2010/06/01
Houfi, Mohamed Ali Effets des points aberrants sur les tests de normalité et de linéarité. Applications à la bourse de Tokyo 2010/06/01 2010/06/01
Danciu, Victor The Brand Identity: A Strategic Shift for Success 2010/06/01 2010/06/01
Rusu, Cătălina Relationship marketing – o soluţie pentru sistemul bancar românesc? 2009/04/01 2009/04/01
Bobircă, Ana Măsurarea Economiei Creative – Studiu de caz România 2009/04/01 2009/04/01
Vlachý, Jan Solving the Capacity Optimization Problem under Demand Uncertainty 2009/04/01 2009/04/01
Şimandan, Radu Thinking about Bureaucracy: Mises versus Niskanen 2009/04/01 2009/04/01
Oargă, Valentina “Controlling” as a Unit of Production Planning and Control. Romanian Case Studies 2009/04/01 2009/04/01
B., Kamaladevi Customer Experience Management in Retailing 2009/04/01 2009/04/01