The list of articles, whether published or unpublished

Authors Article title Published at Post date
Gârdu, Dana On Some Controversies about East Asian Developmental States 2011/06/01 2011/06/01
Tiwari, Aviral Kumar Tourism, Exports and FDI as a Means of Growth: Evidence from four Asian Countries 2011/06/01 2011/06/01
Saher-e-Noor Impact of Oil Prices on Economic Growth and Exports Earning: In the Case of Pakistan and India 2011/06/01 2011/06/01
Kaufmann, Malte The New EFQM 2010 Model for Business Excellence and its Fundamental Concepts in Light of the Economic Crisis 2011/06/01 2011/06/01
Kumar, Rohit Vishal Tunisian and Indian Forex Markets: A Comparision on Forward Rate Unbiased Hypothesis 2011/06/01 2011/06/01
Guşe, Gina Raluca Exploring Eco-Costs and Externalities Absorption Policies and Procedures in the Context of Global Warming 2011/06/01 2011/06/01
Dritsaki, Chaido The Random Walk Hypothesis and Correlation in the Visegrad Countries Emerging Stock Markets 2011/06/01 2011/06/01
Bekana, Dejene Mamo Economic Liberalization as Development Policy: the Contemporary Debate 2011/06/01 2011/06/01
Bilquees, Faiz Export Instability, Income Terms of Trade Instability and Growth: The Case of India 2011/03/01 2011/03/01
Bahiti, Rovena Impact of the Latest Financial Crises on a Bank-Based Financial System: Case of Albania 2011/03/01 2011/03/01
Stamate, Andreas A Short History of the “Just Price” Controversy in the XII-th and XIII-th Centuries 2011/03/01 2011/03/01
Panait, Iulian Study of the Correlation between the Romanian Stock Market and S&P500 Index during 2007-2009 2011/03/01 2011/03/01
Zakaria, Muhammad Trade Openness and Real Exchange Rate: Some Evidence from Pakistan 2011/03/01 2011/03/01
Susanu, Cristina Gabriela The Capitalist Development Pathway of Eastern Europe: A Comparative Study between Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia and... 2011/03/01 2011/03/01
Son, Liana Labour Market Policies in Selected EU Member States: A Comparative and Impact Analysis 2011/03/01 2011/03/01
Sharku, Gentiana Considerations on Albanian Life Insurance Market 2011/03/01 2011/03/01
Popescu, Raluca Georgiana The Impact of Foreign Direct Investments on Labour Productivity: A Critical Examination of Results 2011/03/01 2011/02/28
Milenkovic, Ivan CEFTA – Member Countries' Current Accounts Deficits – The Case of Serbia 2011/03/01 2011/02/28
Gul, Sehrish Factors Affecting Bank Profitability in Pakistan 2011/03/01 2011/02/28
Diaconaşu, Delia-Elena The Role of Investment Funds in Romania 2011/03/01 2011/02/28