The list of articles, whether published or unpublished

Authors Article title Published at Post date
Gul, Sehrish Factors Affecting Bank Profitability in Pakistan 2011/03/01 2011/02/28
Diaconaşu, Delia-Elena The Role of Investment Funds in Romania 2011/03/01 2011/02/28
Máté, Domicián Estimating Labour Market Performance in Twenty-Three OECD Countries, 1980-2009 2010/12/01 2010/12/01
Sharma, Satyendra Kumar The Relationship between IPO Underpricing Phenomenon & the Underwriter’s Reputation 2010/12/01 2010/12/01
Shao, Yang An Applied Research on the Relations between Regional Economic Growth and Regional Logistics in China 2010/12/01 2010/12/01
Pîrvu, Daniela Perspectives of the Environmental Taxes Evolution in the European Union 2010/12/01 2010/12/01
Misztal, Piotr The Harberger-Laursen-Metzler Effect. Theory and Practice in Poland 2010/12/01 2010/12/01
Kovačič, Art Mediterranean Way of Competitiveness 2010/12/01 2010/12/01
Dritsaki, Chaido Government Expenditure and National Income: Causality Tests for Twelve New Members of E.E. 2010/12/01 2010/12/01
Caraiani, Petre Bayesian Linear Estimation of Okun Coefficient for Romania: Sensitivity to Priors Distributions 2010/12/01 2010/12/01
Ismail, Azman Relationship between Mentoring Program Characteristics and Mentees’ Career: A Study in a Malaysian Public University 2010/12/01 2010/12/01
Bilal, Afsar Subordinate's Trust in the Supervisor and its Impact on Organizational Effectiveness 2010/12/01 2010/12/01
Stancu, Andrei Tudor Impact of Foreign Exchange Risk on International Portfolios 2010/09/01 2010/09/01
Tudor, Cristiana The Dynamics of Enterprise Financing in New EU Member States in Comparative Perspective: the A ftermath of the Crisis 2010/09/01 2010/09/01
Harrison, Barry Statistical Properties of the CEE Stock Market Dynamics. A Panel Data Analysis 2010/09/01 2010/09/01
Hoxha, Adriatik Causality between Prices and Wages: VECM Analysis for EU - 27 2010/09/01 2010/09/01
Trenca, Ioan Considerations Regarding Operational Risk Management in the Context of the Basel II Agreement 2010/06/01 2010/06/01
Magdalena, Lucica Fiscal and Monetaty Policy Measures to Ensure Price Stability 2010/06/01 2010/06/01
Popescu, Raluca Georgiana The Impact of Foreign Direct Investments on Labour Productivity: A review of the Evidence and Implications 2010/06/01 2010/06/01
Drăghici, Mihai TQM and Six Sigma – the Role and Impact on Service Organization 2010/06/01 2010/06/01