The list of articles, whether published or unpublished

Authors Article title Published at Post date
Tudor, Cristiana Understanding the Roots of the US Subprime Crisis and its Subsequent Effects 2009/03/01 2014/04/14
Săvoiu, Gheorghe Could be the International Financial Crisis a Sinonim to a Profound Recession of Romanian Economy? A Theory of “Weak”... 2009/03/01 2014/04/14
Donath, Liliana Eva The current financial crisis revisited. Causes and remedies. 2009/03/01 2014/04/14
Neguţ, Silviu Tensiunile şi reaşezările de pe scena mondială ca factori ce influenţează criza mondială 2009/03/01 2014/04/14
Jora, Octavian Dragomir Expansiunea creditului si "economia în trei timpi". Despre boom -crisis-bust în cazul subprime 2009/03/01 2014/04/14
Gaftoniuc, Simona Reinventarea băncilor 2009/03/01 2014/04/14
Belu, Mihaela Efecte ale crizei financiare mondiale în sectorul logistic şi auto 2009/03/01 2014/04/14
Bal, Ana Opinii privind cauzele crizei financiare actuale 2009/03/01 2014/04/14
Paul de Vries Towards a Real Estate Monitoring Information System in Romania 2009/06/01 2014/04/14
Trón, Zsuzsanna Evaluation Methods of European Regional Policy and Reasons for Different Outcomes 2009/06/01 2014/04/14
Popescu, Mihaela Ionelia Regulatory Reform. What Role for the Romanian Business Environment 2009/06/01 2014/04/14
Paraschiv, Dorel Mihai Going Global. Focus Shipbuilding Industry in Romania 2009/06/01 2014/04/14
Maican, Ovidiu Horia The Future of the European Constitutional Evolution 2009/06/01 2014/04/14
Ilie, Anca Gabriela The Core of a New Type of Crisis : Subprime crisis 2009/06/01 2014/04/14
Horobeţ, Alexandra Uncovered Interest Parity and Financial Market Volatility 2009/06/01 2014/04/14
Danciu, Victor The Relationship Marketing Era for the Romanian Banking Institutions: Could It Bring Something Different 2009/06/01 2014/04/14
Naithani, Pranov Recession and Work-Life Balance Initiatives 2010/09/01 2014/04/13
Filipi, Gentiana Social accounting in Albania 2014/03/01 2014/03/01
Zyka, Eglantina Factors affecting the insurance sector development: Evidence from Albania 2014/03/01 2014/03/01
Zouheir, Abida Remittances, Financial Development and Economic Growth: The Case of North African Countries 2014/03/01 2014/03/01