The Use of Continuous Improvement in Albanian Public Higher Education

Qefalia, Arjan
Koxhaj, Andri
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JEL codes: 
A23 - Graduate, M11 - Production Management.
Studies on the use of Total Quality Management (TQM) in the context of higher education have been focused primarily on the implementation of TQM as an institutional initiative. In many cases is implemented Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI as part of TQM) as department-based initiative, but rarely as a project institution-wide supported. The focus of this paper is to investigate how the Albanian public universities are implementing the concepts and processes of TQM/CQI in their activities, and focus on using continuous improvement methods in higher education focusing on the institution-wide and department-based initiatives. Also, there were identified general drivers, obstacles, and the results derived from the implementation of CQI methods.
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