Upscale Value through Restructuring

Florin Cristea
JEL codes: 
G34 - Mergers; Acquisitions; Restructuring; Corporate Governance.
From the perspective of the global economic market with all the players from different industries, we see one important aspect that is present all the time, and that aspect is constant change. Looking back, you may say that this is nothing new, change has always been a constant factor in all life aspects, that`s why humanity has evolved; and that is true, but change is different now. Today we experience change so fast that from the economic point of view, a company could go, from top to bottom in a matter of months. So, in order to survive in such an environment, companies us restructuring to secure business as a preventive and eventual business re-launch and not only when insolvency occurs, including a company reorganization procedure and bankruptcy procedure. As reported by a study that had been conducted by Cambridge University, the term “Corporate Restructuring” has been known in the world since the 1970s, when it was successfully applied to mergers and acquisitions, divisions sales, split-ups, financial recapitalization and private transactions in order to save renowned companies. The corporate restructuring process is a notion of corporate management for the legal reorganization, ownership, operational or other business structure of a company that has proved to be a difficult topic for managers of all around the world, companies undergoing the countless weather events that we live. Restructuring involves redesigning one or more aspects of a company, such as repositioning on the market to be more competitive, surviving in an unfavorable economic climate, or balancing the corporation to move in a new direction, it`s a multidimensional process.
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