Subjective Influencing Factors of Negotiation in Life Insurance Domain

Munteanu, Sebastian Madalin
Teodorescu, Ioana
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A12 - Relation of Economics to Other Disciplines, C78 - Bargaining Theory; Matching Theory, C83 - Survey Methods; Sampling Methods, M1 - Business Administration.
The theory of negotiation belongs to several fields, but it has like starting point sociology and social psychology, more precise the segment which studies human behaviour in various social situations and the manner in which people want to be displayed comparing with the others. This paper proposes to develop the subject of negotiation psychology in life insurance domain. To show the close link between psychology and negotiation, in this field, the study reflects the influence of subjective factors in the result of negotiation in a life insurance case study. To cover this broader issue the research contains a practical part which demonstrates the beautiful mixture between two zones of different origins. The analysis is based on the interview of a negotiation and a questionnaire addressed to the implied parts. The field of life insurance is the best example to support the point of view with regard to the influence of subjective factors in the result of a negotiation. The requirement of a ife insurance nowadays emerges from the need of humans to be protected from unpleasant events during their life. If a negotiati on starts in the middle of a human need, it is clear and obvious that it is related to a strong load of subjectivity.
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