Some Empirical Approaches of the Competitiveness’ Diamond – The Case of Romanian Economy

Postelnicu, Cătălin
Ban, Irina Marinela
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F12 - Models of Trade with Imperfect Competition and Scale Economies, F23 - Multinational Firms; International Business.
In this paper, we try to overview some of the main extensions of Michael Porter’s competitiveness diamond, considering the complexity of actual international economic interdependencies, starting with the presumption that activities of multinational firms should be considered as an endogenous factor of the diamond. Also, using some adequate data, we try to show the configuration of the competitiveness’ diamond in the case of Romanian economy, taking into consideration the actual stage of research in the field. We consider such a venture as being very useful in the context of regional economic integration of our country’s economy, because it could help showing the actual configuration of some of our variables in relation with the international business environment. Our empirical results show, as expected, that Romania has smaller scores with respect to most of the variable taken into consideration.Nevertheless, analyzing also the international variables and not only the domestic ones, as Porter sustains, gives a better insight relative to the national competitiveness, moreover in the case of a small open economy. For such a country like Romania, we consider that the double diamond is better to be used compared to the simple one.
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