The Social Responsibility of the Company – Factor of Supporting the European Economic Development

Gangone, Andreea Daniela
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M14 - Corporate Culture; Social Responsibility.
The experience of the developed countries has drawn our attention to the fact that a company cannot develop efficiently from an economic point of view unless it develops socially, at the same time.As organizations managed to understand this, they have also started to take on social obligations, in close relation to their economic objectives. At present, the taking on of social responsibilities has become a fundamental aspect in the society of organizations because the modern organization has, and even more, must have social power.Thus, the success of the Romanian organizations on the large European market essentially depends on their capacity of understanding and integrating in their activity, efficiently and operatively, responsibilities towards society. This aspect is all the more important given that, through their social objectives, the organizations will always exceed the limits of the local communities in which they act. Practically, the social results of the organizations, regardless their origin, British, Italian, French or Romanian, have European impact, not a local one, and they represent one of the most important factors of supporting the European economic development, on long term.
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