The Romanian Rural Economy – a Resource of Growth and Regional Cooperation, or a Source of Conflicts and Insecurity?

Savoiu, Gheorghe
Manea, Camelia
Manea, Constantin
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R13 - General Equilibrium and Welfare Economic Analysis of Regional Economies.
In an attempt to answer such a delicate question, we try to present the characteristics of Romanian rural economy, underlining its political, social, demographic, cultural, and even religious specificity. It is a thorough analysis of the diminution of the force and impact of the rural traditions, of the inflexion in the dynamics of rural overpopulation, of the reduction of the aversion in comparison with the urban, which confers a new identity to the Romanian countryside. The rural economy is also made up of the aggregation of the peasant’s economic behaviour and attitudes. The new rural-urban relationships change the identity-perishability antinomy. We try to use statistical arguments and to establish some important axes of the new programmes and projects, apt to reveal through the urban-rural convergence and through the downgrading of the discrepancies between the two kinds of environment.
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