Rolul organizaţiilor naţionale în sprijinirea misiunilor comerciale internaţionale. Cazul României

Cărăgin, Andreea Raluca
Iamandi, Irina Eugenia
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M13 - New Firms; Startups.
Organizing a trade mission abroad is part of a company’s policy of prospecting external markets. But due to the importance of such events for the foreign trade, the Government and other institutions can help companies in organizing them.When the Chamber of Commerce perceives an overseas market opportunity for an industry, it could organize a trade mission in order to gather more information.The purpose of the commercial mission is to send a group of executives from firms in the industry to a country or group of countries to learn firsthand about the market, meet important customers face to face and establish contacts with people interested in representing their products. State governments, trade associations, chambers of commerce and other export-oriented organizations also organize trade missions.
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