The Role Of Migrant Workers Remittances In Fostering Economic Growth: The Kosovo Experience

Rahmije Topxhiu
Florentina Xhelili
JEL codes: 
F24 - Remittances, O15 - Human Resources; Human Development; Income Distribution; Migration, O40 - General.
In many developing countries, in Kosovo as well, remittances of workers from diaspora have become an important source of external financing. In this paper some theoretical and practical aspects of the role of remittances in the development of countries receiving them are treated. An analytical approach is made about the migration trends of Kosovo's population, trends and role of remittances in the economic development of Kosovo through various statistical data published by relevant national and international institutions and current published material in this regard. Researched material and published data on the role of remittances in Kosovo's economic development lead to the conclusion that migration and remittances will continue to be an important part of the economic, political and social development of Kosovo.
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