The Role of Chamber of Commerce System in International Economic Relations

Diana Ramona Popescu
JEL codes: 
F30 - General, F63 - Economic Development, O19 - International Linkages to Development; Role of International Organizations.
The article focuses on the analysis of chambers of commerce and industry, non-governmental organizations, fully committed to stimulating economic initiative and increase business competitiveness. The objective of the paper is to highlight the instruments and means through which the chambers of commerce and industry provide support for the development and promotion of business and their ability to settle trade disputes. In the first part of the article are presented the characteristics and functions of chambers, organizations that support the development of international trade. Although the role of chambers of commerce and industry is essentially the same, they behave national and regional specific features. The second part advance the chamber means for promoting international trade through concrete examples based on analyzing actions of chambers of commerce and industry. The article ends with an assessment of the actual situation of the county chambers of commerce and industry in Romania, obtained after a personal research. The survey is structured around two major themes: chamber system in Romania and the Romanian business environment.
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