Problems in business valuation – analysis of survey results

Szymański, Piotr
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G11 - Portfolio Choice; Investment Decisions, G17 - Financial Forecasting and Simulation, G20 - General.
The paper presents a part of the survey results on business valuation carried out in October 2011. The survey involved 182 experts in business valuation from 12 countries worldwide. The article attempts to answer the question: what problems do experts face in business valuation? Are there differences in the perception of the phenomena connected with valuation between experts working on the U.S. market, where the busieness valuation standards are well-es tablished, and experts from other countries such as Poland and Romania where these standards have a shorter history? Survey results idicated that experts face many the same problems in business valuation. The key issue faced by the experts in the valuation is the problem of forecasting future events.
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