A Preliminary Investigation of Female Entrepreneurs’ Behavior in Romania

Bianca Avram
Simona Sabou
Stelian Brad
JEL codes: 
L26 - Entrepreneurship.
The aim of this paper is to carry out a preliminary analysis of the Romanian female entrepreneurs’ behavior. In order to reach this aim we studied the specialized literature which tries to define the entrepreneur, the feminine entrepreneur, to identify the women’s motivation to become entrepreneurs, the required skills, as well as the potential similarities and differences between female and male entrepreneurs. In the case study we elaborated in this paper, the percentage of women-entrepreneurs from the total number of entrepreneurs who set up a new business represents the independent variable. We used as dependent variable quantitative variables expressed in percentages which describe the situation of newly founded enterprises one year into their set up (active, inactive and liquidated), the size of the newly founded enterprise (0 employees, 1 to 49 employees, and over 49 employees) and the type of employment (employers, full-time employees, part-time employees). The data we used are annual, refer to a period of time ranging from 1995 to 2013, and were gathered by the Romanian National Institute of Statistics. The conclusions show that the percentage of Romanian women-entrepreneurs is in tight link with the percentage of active companies one year into their set up. As regards the size of the company, we noticed that women-entrepreneurs own companies with fewer employees. And when referring to the head-office of the company, we notices that it is not influenced by the increase or decrease of the percentage of Romanian women-entrepreneurs.
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