New Web Application Technologies for Global Decision Support in Sales and Marketing - Guidelines for Model Builders

Calciu, Mihai
Somnea, Dan
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JEL codes: 
M15 - IT Management, M31 - Marketing.
We introduce a new stylised simulation model that combines transactional and relationship marketing aspects. A multi-branded offer from multiple companies that generates attraction and retention potential is confronted to a multisegmented demand with specific dual response behaviour. Dynamic market transitions model loyal and versatile customer flows in time. The model is implemented as an on-line marketing simulation and decision support system. Based upon this simple model we discuss how a progressive modelling approach that uses object orientation can help decompose and recompose marketing problems by managing complexity in order to produce realistic modelling solutions and accelerate their advance to the market. Some implied model and decision support building frameworks are discussed. Several traditional web solutions are revisited, applied and compared to some more recent XML based semantic web technologies. New ways of embedding models (models as documents, models as services etc.) are explored.
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