MSA as the Aspect of European Maritime Security

Grzybowski, Marek
Miler, K. Ryszard
Publication date: 
Fear of terrorist interruptions has already affected the marketplace. Before 9/11, inventory had consistently trended downward as technology enabled just-in-time manufacturing and delivery of products. A significant breakdown in the maritime transport system would send shockwaves throughout the world economy. In fact, under the worst-case scenario, a large attack could cause the entire global trading system to halt as governments scramble to recover. Drastic and inefficient solutions may be put in place, such as the complete closure of some ports and duplicative and lengthy cargo checks in both originating and receiving ports. The size of the maritime security challenge is as daunting as the terrible consequences of a serious attack. Maritime security involves hundreds of ports, thousands of miles of coastline, tens of thousands of commercial and private crafts, and millions of shipping containers. The maritime domain is truly global in nature, encompassing every ocean and the peoples and property of many nations. This paper presents the idea of Maritime Security Operations (MSO) as an European inter-agency (military – civilian) latest response on maritime threat seen from wider perspective. Six strategic actions MSO requires to achieve synergy of civilian and military maritime security activities to address all maritime threats are pointed as well as four related Lines of Development (LoDs) to be taken forward by a partnership of European military and civilian authorities in order to create MSO Standard Operational Procedures.
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