The Mechanisms of Activating the Leadership’s Role in Change Management Case Study: Moumen Establishment for the Production of Semolina and Flour

Boualleg Nawal
JEL codes: 
M13 - New Firms; Startups, M19 - Other.
The rapid development today in the environment of business organizations requires change and transformation to win competitive and survival, From this reality, the survival of the institution and its growth depends to a large extent on achieving results than those achieved by competitors, And by increasing its effectiveness and integration in the dynamics of the global economy, what means, searching for excellence in the era of change, this necessitated the fact that the institution has no choice except the change. The field study concluded that the Algerian institution and other business organizations in the third world in general and the Arab reality in particular, has a flexible and changeable organizational culture that needs to be given great attention by the leadership, especially in clarifying the vision and implementing change and motivating joint teamwork and getting closer to workers while implementing change.
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