Marketing utility and implementation with public services organizations a qualitative study on Romanian market

Barbu, Andreea Mihaela
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M31 - Marketing.
The major role of public services in each country is indisputable, as they meet various needs of the civil society and contribute to an increased national development. In this context, according to international studies, if efficiently and continuously implemented, marketing can be considered a path towards achieving these socio-economic functions of the public services domain. Therefore, this paper gives an overview of how marketing usefulness is perceived by Romanian public providers and the extent to which marketing activities are conducted within public services organizations. Thestudy reveals the results of a qualitative research conducted among thirty-two public services providers, the group being formed of state and socio-cultural services organizations, on one hand, and industrial and commercial public services organizations, on the other hand. Although marketing is considered important by most of the respondents, it is not implemented on a large scale within public services field, as it faces financial and organizational obstacles, along with some managers’lack of vision.
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