Investigate sport clothing’s market segmentation in public sport based on demographic variables

Boroujerdi, Saeed Sadeghi
Hasani, Kaveh
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G14 - Information and Market Efficiency; Event Studies, L83 - Sports; Gambling; Recreation; Tourism.
The aim of this study is to divide the marketplace of sport clothing in public sport based on Demographic variables. The sample was 300 participants that were participated in public sports in several cities in Iran. The research tool was research-made questionnaire that its validity was proven by ten masters of sport management and its internal reliability was the Alfa coefficient of 0.751. To analyze the results,descriptive and deduction statistics were used. The results revealed that there is no meaningful relationship between age, education and the rate of using sport clothing. Also there’s a meaningful relationship between Gender(gender) and the rate of utilization, between income level and the rate of utilization,and between occupation and the rate of utilization.
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