The Impact of Tourism Development Strategies in Touristic Demand/Supply, the Case of Saranda, Albania

Olta Kapllani Proda
JEL codes: 
L83 - Sports; Gambling; Recreation; Tourism, O11 - Macroeconomic Analyses of Economic Development.
The main purpose of this paper is to show the importance of tourism development strategies in increasing the touristic demand and supply in Saranda. The final research results show that as a result of a sustainable planning and developing tourism strategies by the responsible institutions of the Republic of Albania, the number of international tourists of a large nationality as well has considerably increased. The range of the countries that have chosen and added Saranda as an attractive and interesting tourism (historical, cultural and environmental destination has increased significantly. This increase in tourist demand is accompanied by an increase in the supply, in which included host, accommodation and entertainment structures. The study will contain a theoretical part and also a part of the Albanian development tourism strategy. The results of the study are of practical value because they yield knowledge for the importance of the tourism development strategy in the demand and tourism supply of a destination. The data include the years 2010-2016 and are been collected from the Ministry of the Tourism of Albania, from the Albanian Statistical Institute INSTAT, and from the Saranda municipality
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