A Future-Oriented Entrepreneurship Education Process: The FRESHconsult Project

Robert Bumbac
JEL codes: 
A20 - General, I23 - Higher Education and Research Institutions, L26 - Entrepreneurship.
Universities need to keep up with the ever-changing needs of younger generation of students both in terms of future-oriented content for their study programs and also with students’ preferences, beliefs and views that make conventional pedagogical methods no longer viable. The purpose of the research is to evaluate to what extent the adoption of an innovative teaching model, based on the FRESHconsult project proposed by Dragusin et al. (2019), would be appreciated by students in learning design thinking. Thus, the study involved a quantitative research, using as main instrument a questionnaire which recorded a total of 118 responses. Emphasis was put on identifying the link between overall satisfaction and the perceived level of utility and difficulty supposed by the involvement in this project. The results showed that students were more than happy being part of an experiential learning context, and surprisingly, tasks difficulty and the high workload did not negatively influence overall satisfaction as long as the utility of the learning process registered a high level. At the same time creating a context for student being under pressure and facing difficult situation can help them in exceeding their individual creative boundaries.
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