An Evaluation of the Economic Theoretical Potential of the Rural Environment Mismanged During 1956-2010

Niculescu, Florentin Gabriel
JEL codes: 
N50 - General, International, or Comparative, O13 - Agriculture; Natural Resources; Energy; Environment; Other Primary Products, O44 - Environment and Growth, P25 - Urban, Rural, and Regional Economics.
Under the context of the essential role and growing importance of the rural environment in the development of a country, we focus on evaluating the economic theoretical potential of the rural environment that we consider to have been mismanaged during 1956-2010. For this purpose, in this paper we define, describe and explain the main concepts, as to be able to evaluate the economic potential of the rural development and further contribute to its improvement. The study focuses on the correlations between the population of working age, occupancy, unemployment and the wasted economic potential, putting forward a new concept, statistically valid, demographic named the absolute able overpopulation.
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