Europe 2020 – the universal medicine healing EU’s current illness?

Murea, Maria Mirona
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H50 - General, O32 - Management of Technological Innovation and R&D, O40 - General, Q50 - General.
The Europe 2020 Strategy, focused on the achievement of green growth, innovation, education and social, economic and territorial cohesion, aspired to become a natural continuation of the Lisbon Strategy, after reaching the 2010 deadline. This new ten-years strategy was developed by taking into consideration the the previous flaws which have reduced the effectiveness of the Lisbon Strategy, quantitative targets were specified in an attempt to overcome the effects of the financial and economic crisis, to enhance the competitiveness, at national and EU level and it was seen as an ”universal medicine” meant to heal EU’s current illness. This article focuses on generally analysing the progress of the Europe 2020 indicators at the beginning of the set timeline.
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