The EU Common Foreign and Security Policy and the 2007 enlargement wave: threats and opportunities

Zaharia, Rodica Milena
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The Common Foreign and Security Policy is the newest and, certainly, the most ambitious project pertaining to the European construction. Following the integration theory, tackled by many authors 1, the political union is considered to be the final stage of the integration process. Along the years, the European construction has become extremely extrovert, and the integration process has influenced not only the internal aspects of the European Union, but also its relationships developed with the rest of the world. The European integration process has become more consistent, and CFSP has grown to be one of the main pillars of the European Union. EU is trying to define and consolidate its common foreign and security policy in a time of profound and dramatic international changes. The present paper tries to identify aspects considered to be relevant in an analyze about CFSP and the relation between CFSP, as a vertical axis of the integration process and enlargement, as the horizontal one.
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