Efecte ale crizei financiare mondiale în sectorul logistic şi auto

Belu, Mihaela
Ţarţavulea, Ramona
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L81 - Retail and Wholesale Trade; e-Commerce, L90 - General, M31 - Marketing.
The international financial crisis represents a preoccupation for the economic analysts, as it is hardly a new phenomenon in the economic history of the modern world, but is raising issues regarding its future evolution, the short and long time effects upon the world economy as a whole and each and every sector of it. The purpose of this paper is to:analyze the causes that generated the crisis in the logistic and automotive industry, in an international perspective and particularly in Romania present the effects and possible scenarios for future evolution of the crisis identify the solution that have been/will be implemented by companies on these markets and analyze their viability.The conclusions of our analyses are:The decrease of demand and liquidity issues in the market are causes which led to serious problems in these economic sectors, vital for persons and goods movement.The efects that have appeared are: difficulties in making the regular payments to employees, banks and business suppliers/partners.The solutions generated by managers who work in these sectors have a large range from giving free days without payment to employees, firing staff, trying to extend sales to emergent markets which are less affected by the financial crisis or create new products for better responding to the changing needs of consumers.
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