Disfunctions in the large urban habitat Berceni- Bucharest

Gavriş, Alexandru
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The changes in the political regime and those conected with the mentality of Bucharest population have found the large urban habitats without any real support in the internal structuring and functionality.All the components of these urban structures were planned accordingly with the comunist ideeas of development; large assembly composed by block of flats, large industrial plants near the rezidential areas or even inside them, overly controll in the population dynamics. In this situation, internal structure of habitats was unequipped from the new transformation point of view to come. So, I tried to look over some dysfuncyions of large urban estate, emphasized only the most problematic characteristics ( those with the greatest potential of disrupting the fragile coeherence of rezidential units from Bucharest). My paper is divided in three parts: the first, in which is depicted the history and evolution of large estate from Berceni area; the second focused on the main structural perspectives of this urban tissue. I sintetized some matters on the future of these urban tumours in the last part, but only on brief.
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