Decisions about the Future of the European Union: an Approach from a Romanian Perspective

Dumitriu, Ramona
Ştefănescu, Răzvan
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JEL codes: 
F15 - Economic Integration.
The European Union reached a turning point when it has not only to fructify the opportunities of the new market opened by globalization, but also to face significant threats such as the ageing population, the competition from the Asian producers and the dependence on the energetic resources placed in politically unstable regions. This situation implies decisions about the reforms of the political institutions, the future enlargements and the elaboration of a common external policy. The experience from the past proved that, in making such decisions, it has to be taken into consideration the public opinion, which sometimes is not favorable to the radical changes. The position of Romania, with its representation in the European institutions, will certainly influence the strategic decisions regarding the future of the E.U. In this paper we will analyze this position, using both information from the Government strategies and the results of our investigations regarding the way some aspects of the integration are perceived.