De la securitatea militară la securitatea ecologică

Boloma, Cătălina
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The international security environment after the end of the Cold War faces new threats rising from the economic, social, biological and environmental field. The concept of national security needs to be adapted to the new challenges of modern society, therfore including these new threats. The last three decades are a proof that the environment degradation is an issue of concern for the international community. The raising number of multilateral environmental agreements and of the international bodies in charge with environmental matters acknowledges yhe international efforts towards a better conservation and protection of our Planet. Admitting that the rosk rising from environmental degradation are factors of domestic and international instability, specialist have developed the concept of environmental security. Most studies in this field have analyzed environment as a source of conflict and have therefore concentrated only on this type of environmental risks. The last decade has brought a larger understanding of instability caused by environmental problems. There are few countries that have an offcial of environmental security. Most specialist define it as the ability of a nation or society to overcome resource scarcity, risks caused by environmental degradation and environmental change, as well as those caused by human activity ( ignorance, accidents, mismanagement). Consequently, the national security strategies should include the environmental dimension of security and develop policies to overcome this type of risks.
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