Corporate image in Romanian retail banking market

Filip, Alina
Tatu, Cristian Ionuţ
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G21 - Banks; Depository Institutions; Micro Finance Institutions; Mortgages, M14 - Corporate Culture; Social Responsibility.
Many banks are facing with identity crisis and increased customer migration rates that negatively affect the level of business profitability. Gaining customer loyalty becomes a key objective for banking companies that are focused on sustainable marketing and customer oriented business philosophy. In the retail banking practice, there are various evidences that corporate image is a main determinant of customer loyalty. Image highlights a cumulative construct that is updated each time the customer experiences specific services. The present study contributes to marketing literature and banking practice by providing qualitative evidences about the corporate image of banking organizations acting in the Romanian retail sector. Results show that Romanians value judgments are determined by various attributes related to a bank marketing-mix policy, from product quality and services to price levels, staff competence and the effectiveness of delivery and communication methods.
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