The Convergence Degree of Innovation Potential of Romanian Economy, by Comparison with the Developed Economies of the EU Member States

Oprean, Camelia
Tănăsescu, Cristina
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O31 - Innovation and Invention: Processes and Incentives.
In this paper we analyze the convergence degree of innovation potential of Romanian economy, by comparison with the developed economies of the economical and monetary union, on one hand, and with the last wave of integration countries – in most cases, economies in process of development, therefore with an economical development trajectory like our country – on the other hand. The European Innovation Scoreboard (EIS) is the instrument developed at the initiative of the European Commission, under the Lisbon Strategy, to evaluate and compare the innovation performance of the EU Member States. The EIS includes innovation indicators and trend analyses for the EU Member States, plus the two new Member States: Bulgaria and Romania, as well as for Croatia, Turkey, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, the US and Japan. The Summary Innovation Index gives an “at a glance” overview of aggregate national innovation performance. It measures 5 key innovation dimensions: Innovation drivers, Knowledge creation, Diffusion, Applications and Intellectual property.