The Competitiveness Evaluation of CEE Countries

Kovacic, Art
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O11 - Macroeconomic Analyses of Economic Development, O24 - Trade Policy; Factor Movement Policy; Foreign Exchange Policy, O38 - Government Policy, O57 - Comparative Studies of Countries.
In the article I will evaluate the competitiveness position by quantitative and by qualitative methods. An evaluation of qualitative competitiveness of CEE countries can give important insights to the most important development steps in the near future. This is especially important in view of the next steps in the enlargement process of the EU. The European Union's prosperity is based on its capacity to compete in the global market. For this reason, we need to measure and study our economy's position in terms of competitiveness. Competitiveness creates the necessary conditions for sustainable development, for the creation of new production activties and new jobs, and for a better quality of life. We can evaluate the competitive position of selected countries by WEF of IMD competitiveness report. Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech R. Romania and Hungary are located in Central Europe. These countries have the same historical backgrounds in Austo- Hungarian empire. The well developed classical infrastrucure and good educational system can be explained through historical reasons. Today we have a well developed competitiveness methodologies for evaluation. It is interesting to discover are the CEE countries still close after EU integration process. One way to evaluate the qualitative competitiveness of CEE countries is to illustrate competitive environmental frameworks using the data for CEE economies and some European countries. The factors in the proposed framework are index measures calculated from perceptual variables collected by executive surveys. In order to rank factors of competitive environmental frameworks for selected countries we use the Standard Deviation Method, which can accurately assess the relative differences between countries’ performances. Indexes give as a picture of the competitiveness position of selected group.
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