China, un model atipic de putere

Dimitriu, Maria Irina
Publication date: 
Why is China ( People's Republic of China PRC ) so important for the global assessment of emergent powers? Firstly, the PRC holds a strategic position in the most populated region of the world, South-East Asia being considered as the most defining area for the struggle between dominating world powers. Secondly, the particular history of PRC has led the Western pundits to a rethinking for the concept of world power because the historical background of China proved to be a much more important source of economic and military regeneration than all the other factors ( economic, geographic, and social) considered by the ordinary economic theories of development. Thirdly, PRC has adapted its economic and military powers to the local context, while many other states try to make others adapt to their own pattern of development. Therefore, we can say China has found its own power accumulating pattern without entering into a serious strategic rivalry with other countries in the beginning of the twenty-first century. In this article I will mention the determining factors of the Chinese military and economic powers, as well as the security strategy of the most populated state of the world.
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