Building bridges between higher education and the business environment for regional development in the South-East Europe

Untaru, Mircea
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A23 - Graduate, I25 - Education and Economic Development, R58 - Regional Development Planning and Policy.
Even if the tertiary education system is being improved, the employment rate of the freshly graduates is still not balanced with the labour market. The general objective of the present study is to integrate this matter as an influence factor of regional development in South-East Europe. The methodology regards three specific objectives, pursuing the establishment of key points in improving the sustainable connection between higher education and the business environment. First, a literature review is made for the debate basis. Second, an analysis for creating such bridges is pursued empirically through a case study at West development region level, in Romania. Third, the case study is exemplified by an analysis of educational institutional development through European projects. The results target the development of a methodology for creating bridges between the two environments.
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