The bilateral trade agreements and export performance of South Asian nations with special reference to India Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreement

Suhail, P.
Sreejesh, S.
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JEL codes: 
F53 - International Agreements and Observance; International Organizations.
The regional trade agreements (RTA) have been one of the important developments in the world trading system in 1990s. There are number of studies on the effects trade agreements in different contexts. This study is an attempt to analyse the effects of bilateral trade agreements in the intraregional trade in the SAARC region with special reference to the Free Trade Agreements (FTA) between India Sri Lanka. The study uses a panel regression analysis by using balance panel data. The study concludes that the FTA between India and Sri Lanka has brought positive results in the trade between these two nations by improving the bilateral trade in goods. The results of the study are important in the context of looking for the prospects of a free trade area in the region by member nations.
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