Are marketing strategies implemented by SME’s in the Republic of Macedonia?

Veseli, Nexhbi
Aziri, Brikend
Veseli, Teuta
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JEL codes: 
D41 - Perfect Competition, M31 - Marketing.
Business strategies in general and marketing strategies in particular are a factor of significant importance when it comes to the success and long term growth of companies. This paper tends to test the generally accepted assumption that SME’s in the Republic of Macedonia do not have and implement well defined marketing strategies. As will be noticed, based on the opinions of the owners of 277 SME’s in the Pollog region, business entities in the Republic of Macedonia do recognize the importance of marketing and marketing strategies, but still fail when it comes to their creation and implementation. As proven by the research, SME’s in the studied region randomly implement certain elements of different types of business and marketing strategies, but not based on theoretical approaches and generally accepted literature in this field.
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