The Alliances of European Retailers and Their Effects in the Field of Marketing and Supply Chain

Bălan, Carmen
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D74 - Conflict; Conflict Resolution; Alliances, F18 - Trade and Environment, F23 - Multinational Firms; International Business, M20 - General.
While in Romania retailing is in the growth stage, in the mature market economies of Europe, it is facing fewer development opportunities within the countries of origin. Fierce competition, more demanding customers, higher expectations, increasing pressure on prices are the common shades of the retailing landscape of these countries. Consequently, retailers have focused on the concentration and internationalization of their activities, supply chain efficiency and effectiveness, marketing strategies, prices and alliances. Among the strategies devised by the major retail players of Europe range the international alliances in the supply chain, under the form of buying groups. The paper aims to bring to light some of the major buying groups existing in Europe and to analyze their role and effects in the filed of marketing and supply chain.
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