Adapting and Modernizing the Post-Covid Marketing Policy Under the Impact of Consumption Challenges

Victor Danciu
JEL codes: 
M21 - Business Economics, M31 - Marketing, M37 - Advertising.
The turmoil created by the COVID-19 pandemic in all components of the society has effects that become challenging for people and companies. This scientific approach aims at drawing attention primarily to the new trends in consumption and consumer behavior. The main trends identified are the reduction of expenses, the priority given to basic needs satisfaction, the changes of the structure of the consumer basket, the increasing digitalization, the increase of home delivery, the reorientation towards local shopping, the omnichannel services and increasing of the importance of the green content. The transformation, enrichment and improvement of marketing and especially of the marketing policy in accordance with the change of consumption is another objective of the research. Achieving these objectives will depend on the digital marketing practices and strategies and tactics of product, communication, distribution and price adapted to the new realities.
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