Încălzirea globală şi analiza economică: o perspectivă heterodoxă asupra pieţei

Cojanu, Valentin
Publication date: 
Sympathetic with similar concerns raised by academics outside the economics realm as well, the paper suggests that the application of economic principles centred on the ‘market’ mechanism reveals a poor understanding of the actual organisation of economic life. The present inquiry takes on this conspicuous feature of standard economics the more so this mindset is increasingly applied to matters which predominantly involve moral choices. And the issue of climate change is just such a case in the study of green economics. This investigation adds to the existing research supporting arguments of the view that the 'market' mindset plays a controversial role in devising feasible policy recommendations and complements it with factual data based on the search for market solutions in the economics of climate change. The main argument is developed along the representations of the ‘market’ metaphor in its perfect— market-clearing—and imperfect—market failure—variants. The paper concludes with the observation that people should take care for the environment, but not as a result of cold calculations about the welfare of future or present generations, but for its intrinsic values, like repugnance of waste and consumerism, or the empathetic care for other beings’ fate.
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